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Creating The Law Firm Truck Accident Victims Deserve

Accidents between cars and commercial vehicles are different, and require a different level of representation.  Ervin & Ervin, Attorneys at Law, L.L.P. is a law firm specifically designed to handle truck and bus accident cases.  We provide the knowledge, experience and hard work necessary to win.

When these accidents occur, the truck’s insurance company immediately begins to move, sending experienced attorneys and investigators to the scene within minutes.  These “Crash Teams” collect all the physical evidence at the scene, including the EDR or ECM (black-box) data from the truck itself, as well as any documents or evidence that may be in the vehicle.  This means the trucking company and their insurer are collecting, and in many cases taking exclusive control of, the evidence in your case.  To win, you must match this sense of urgency and level of effort.  Evidence in your case can be legally disposed of or destroyed in the days and months following the accident, if you, or your attorney, fail to secure it.

Preserving, collecting and managing the information in your case, requires resources, focus and commitment.  Victory demands preparation.  Maintaining constant pressure and meeting the effort and resources of the truck’s insurance company, requires immediate action.

Your attorney must have knowledge, experience and skill “in this area of the law”.  The Attorney must know the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Trucking Industry Safety Standards, Oklahoma Law, and how each will affect your case.  They must understand the operation, and maintenance of these vehicles and technology they use.  And your attorney must be able to identify and understand the responsible parties and issues involved.

We are truck accident lawyers, which means our practice is focused on representing people who have been injured or killed by tractor-trailers, buses or other Commercial Vehicles.  We have devoted over seventeen (17) years to the study of:  (1) The laws and regulations which govern commercial motor vehicles, (2) The operation, maintenance and safety of these large commercial vehicles; (3) The crash dynamics, forces, damages and injuries they are capable of creating; (4) The technology, communications and equipment they use today; (5) Each and every party involved in moving freight and people over the road; (6) The complex insurance issues that arise from multi-party, multi-policy vehicles and collisions; (7) The training, qualifications and obligations placed upon the drivers of these vehicles; and (8) The methods, tactics, and experience of the attorneys and insurance companies who defend them.

We have the systems and procedures to collect, track and manage the information generated in these cases, and the financial and human resources to manage the demands of complex litigation.

We limit the number of our cases to insure that each case receives the time, resources and attention required to win.  We are selective, representing people who have been seriously injured or killed by commercial vehicles, where there is some fault on the part of the driver of the truck or bus involved. 

We require active participation and communication from our clients, and in exchange we give an unsurpassed level of service.  We understand how important your case is to your family and your future. 

If you believe your case meets these criteria, and that it deserves serious consideration and effort, please contact us today.

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