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How Do I Pay Medical or Funeral Bills after an Accident?

One of the primary concerns many people have after an accident is how the medical or funeral bills will be paid.  We collect all your medical expenses and speak with each medical provider.  Many of them will understand the liability insurance claim process and will defer collection efforts until a future date.  There may also be insurance resources available to you, under your own insurance coverage or that covering the vehicle you were in at the time of the collision.  Many of our clients have medical payments or med-pay coverage on their own auto policies.  This coverage pays medical bills as they are incurred.  This coverage is also available to pay certain funeral costs in fatal accidents.  Your health insurance, Medicare, Soonercare, or Medicaid can also make conditional payments which can later be repaid under the policy’s subrogation provisions or applicable law. 

The important thing is to manage these costs, and to insure good communication.  This relieves stress on you and your medical providers, so everyone can focus on the task that really matters, getting you the medical treatment you need.  For more information on this or other topics related to trucking accidents or vehicle death cases please contact us.

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