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When do I need a lawyer/ Do I need a Lawyer?

You need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible after a commercial vehicle accident to make sure that evidence is not destroyed. Physical evidence at the scene begins to fade within hours after an accident. The trucking company, or their insurer, can also destroy relevant documents such as ECM data or electronic messages within days of the accident unless action is taken to preserve this evidence. Without the right lawyer, your case can be damaged before it begins.

Before you sign anything, it’s critical to consult a truck accident attorney about your case. Our firm offers a free consultation and we have experience in handling tractor-trailer cases across the State of Oklahoma.  We understand the monetary damages a family is entitled to recover after a collision, as well as the federal safety regulations and industry standards that govern commercial motor vehicles, and the conduct that may warrant punitive damages. We follow the results of tractor-trailer cases across the nation. It is critical to hire an attorney for your case that has the knowledge and experience to properly evaluate your truck accident.

National studies have shown that injured people with lawyers recover over three times as much as those who represent themselves.

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