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Ervin & Ervin, LLP

Why should I hire you?

We are truck accident lawyers. We focus our practice on handling crashes between cars and commercial motor vehicles and understand the importance of the state and federal regulations governing trucking companies. Many lawyers take trucking cases without the experience or knowledge to do them right. Ultimately, these firms handle these cases like ordinary automobile accidents and force the client to settle the case for less than the case is worth. These cases require an effective working knowledge of the State and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. They also require lawyers who understand commercial vehicle: inspection, operation, maintenance, cargo securement, scheduling/trip planning, communications, equipment, insurance and the multiple parties involved in moving freight and/or passengers over our roadways.  Ervin & Ervin, Attorneys at Law, L.L.P. has experienced lawyers to handle the investigation and litigation of your claim.  Joe Ervin is a lawyer and a truck driver, and holds a valid Class “A” Oklahoma Commercial Drivers License, which makes him one of the few personal injury attorneys in the country who can actually operate a semi-tractor trailer.  This level of focus, experience, and knowledge makes us different.

We work hard for our clients and maximize the value of truck collision cases. We understand that your case is about your family and that you are not a file number.  That your case is about is about justice and making things right, not just dollars and cents.  You can take comfort in knowing that your case will be handled professionally and that the end result will meet your expectations. Every Oklahoma trucking case needs an experienced truck accident attorney. We have successfully represented truck accident victims across the State of Oklahoma.

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