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We represent families who have lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident anywhere in the State of Oklahoma

When someone you love has been killed in a motor vehicle accident you deserve an experienced Oklahoma lawyer you can trust

Losing someone we love is heartbreaking.  Having someone try to assign a dollar figure to that loss is also very painful. After fatal car accidents, people experience some of the darkest times in their lives.  I have been with parents who have lost a child, and known in my heart there was nothing I could say or do to console them.

Representing a family after a motor vehicle death is a serious responsibility.  It is humbling because the civil justice our clients are seeking is such a small part of dealing with the death of someone they love. And while we would like to believe that lawyers can help in these times, too often they don’t.  Many lawyers don’t understand what these families are going through.  In the face of grief attorneys are often uncomfortable.  Afraid to deal with real emotions, talking with people about death, and trying to understand a person who has lost someone close to them.  Some attorneys approach these moments with cold clinical professionalism, others talk about the amount of money you might receive for your loss, and both add pain at a time when a person needs understanding the most.

We are a different kind of law firm, specifically designed to serve the needs of our clients

We care about the people we represent.  This means taking the time to get to know each of them personally.  Part of this process involves listening to people talk about their grief, the person or persons they have lost, and how that loss is affecting them.  Understanding people is fundamental to our ability to explain their loss to a jury.  If you do not know a person’s story, how can you tell it to others.  Your family deserves an attorney who:

  • Has handled motor vehicle fatalities across the State of Oklahoma
  • Knows the death related damages available to you under Oklahoma Law
  • Is able to recognize and identify all responsible parties and insurance resources
  • Has the personnel, resources and time to show you that your case matters
  • Works hard on each case to deliver justice
  • Will understand the loss and frustration you are going through

We are selective.  By limiting the number of cases we accept, we are able to deliver a very unique standard of service to each of our clients.  Providing the representation they deserve, on time, every time.

Car and truck crashes happen without notice, and they often don’t give us a chance to say goodbye to people we love.  The days and weeks that follow are painful.  The un-welcomed intrusion of insurance adjusters and attorneys can cause real harm, if they are not respectful of the human costs involved.  Many families don't move past this kind of tragedy, until the claims and/or lawsuits surrounding the accident have been completed.

The people that hire us deserve our respect and our very best efforts.  At Ervin & Ervin, Attorneys at Law, L.L.P. we understand that the civil lawsuit is only part of what you are going through.  Our clients don’t want false sympathy and they don’t want to be patronized. They want someone to understand their story and to tell it to others.  And they want justice for someone they love and miss. The service we give is about being there for them, and doing everything that can be done to put things right.  We represent families who have lost someone in a motor vehicle accident, contact us today so we can discuss the help you need and deserve.

A personal note from Joe Ervin:

I am a father, a son, a husband, a brother, and a friend.  I know that losing someone you love is not about money.  I also know that representing your family is a matter of trust.  Being there for people, when they need it most, is important to me.  Call me today to discuss how I can help you.

Joe Ervin
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