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Strengthen Your Oklahoma Truck Accident Claim With Help From These Resources

You deserve the same access to third-party resources as the trucking company insurance attorneys. Get to know which helpful resources you will benefit most from on this list put together by Oklahoma City bus accident lawyers and truck accident attorneys at Ervin & Ervin, Attorneys at Law, L.L.P.

Truck Accidents

  • The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

    CVSA is an international not-for-profit organization comprised of local, state and federal motor carrier safety officials and industry representatives. their mission is to promote commercial motor vehicle safety and security by providing leadership to enforcement, industry and policy makers.

  • American Trucking Association

    The American Trucking Association, an advocacy group made up of state organizations and individual members, oversees safety and policies for truckers across the country. Learn more about these safety measures and policies unique to truckers on this website to find out if the truck driver who struck you may have violated one of these critical measures.

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

    The federal government has specific laws that pertain to large motor vehicles, including trucks and buses. Learn what these laws are and how they may affect your lawsuit after an Oklahoma truck accident.

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration oversees all safety measures on national highways. This website is filled with safety tips and information that may benefit you as you file your Oklahoma truck wreck claim.

  • Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

    The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety oversees a variety of safety enforcement organizations. On this website, you can get a general overview of the new laws and regulations that affect each of these departments and may have an impact on your Oklahoma truck crash claim.

  • Oklahoma Department of Transportation

    This is the central source for state transportation information in Oklahoma. When a truck driver makes his way through Oklahoma, there are certain state laws he must abide by. Learn more about these state laws and how they may impact your Oklahoma truck accident claim.

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