Inhofe Doesn't Know Why His Bill Axed Tulsa Veterans Center

A Senate deal to provide funding to improve medical services for veterans was changed at the last minute to exclude a single facility - in Tulsa - that co-author Sen. Jim Inhofe says he didn’t know about. The McCain-Sanders bill had included funding for replacements, expansions, and improvements at 27 veterans centers around the country. Cut Thursday in a last-minute revision was $13.2 million that had been set aside for the Tulsa VA outpatient clinic.

On Friday, three-term senator Inhofe said he would fight to restore funding for the Tulsa facility and that he didn’t know why it was singled out for exclusion. A spokesman for Sen. Tom Coburn’s office said he had the Tulsa clinic removed from the list.

America's care and protection of our veterans has become a hot-button issue in the past few weeks, following revelations that the Veteran's Administration mishandled benefits waiting lists at several service centers across the country.

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