Oklahoma Bridges and Highways Inspected After Earth Quakes

Earthquakes in Oklahoma have prompted the state to inspect bridges for possible damage from the tremors. State officials with the Department of Transportation said they examine each bridge in a five to 10-mile radius of a quake’s epicenter if it measures a magnitude of 4.0 or more. Earthquakes have increased in Oklahoma in recent years and although the exact cause is unknown, many suspect a link to the oil and gas industry’s fracking process in which large amounts of liquid are injected underground.

Oklahoma transportation officials are consulting with bridge experts in California, where earthquakes have a long history, about the impact of tremors on crossings. The Oklahoma inspectors examine roads as well as bridges for cracks and other deterioration after the earthquakes. The safety of the state's deteriorating bridges and transportation infrastructure has been a recent concern. That coupled with the added concerns caused by quake damage leaves many wondering about the funding sources available for necessary repairs and maintenance.