Oklahoma Considers Bill To Keep 18-Wheelers in Right Lane

Oklahoma is the next state to introduce a highway bill involving limiting truck driver’s use of the left lanes. Many states, like Oklahoma, have began the process of proposing amendments to legislation restricting truck drivers from driving in the left lanes on roads with three lanes in one direction. Currently New Hampshire, Tennessee, Washington, Hawaii, Alabama, and Maryland have joined in the proposition for amendments within their respective states.

If passed in Oklahoma, the new highway bill will limit the use of left lanes on highways with three lanes for traffic unless turning or passing another driver. The main purpose of the bill is to reduce unnecessary obstructions and increase highway safety and the welfare of drivers. If successful, the bill would permit a $500 fine per violation.

Although supported by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and the National Motorists Association, the proposition has been met with some resistance. Some of the opposing arguments involve opinions that current highway legislation is adequate and therefore should not be revised, truck drivers should have the opportunity to use the far left lane as liberally as other drivers on the the highway, and restricting the use of the left lane on a six lane highway could present truck drivers with additional challenges.