How Can Overweight or Uneven Hauls Cause Truck Accidents?

In the world of auto accidents, there’s not much worse than being involved in one with a large commercial truck. These are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the road because the sheer size is enough to result in significant damage to property—and to persons.

In many situations, the accident may be caused by something that goes wrong before the truck even leaves the warehouse. This is often the case when trucks are overloaded or loaded in an uneven manner, making one side of the trailer weigh more than the other.

Here are some ways in which this error can lead to a truck accident.

Defects In Towing Hitch

Some towing hitches may have a maximum capacity which could be exceeded should the cargo be overloaded. This is especially true when there is a large steep grade and gravity is working with the oversized cargo to put pressure on the towing hitch.

This can cause a break and the trailer can become disconnected, putting others on the road at risk of danger.

Risk of Turnovers

When a trailer is loaded unevenly, it can lead to a turnover should there be a sharp turn that—along with the uneven cargo—can lead to the trailer tipping to one side and crashing on its side.

Similarly, an uneven load can be from front to back, meaning that there is more cargo towards the front of the trailer or the back. This could be dangerous when going up or down hills when a large truck needs to either accelerate up a hill or brake going down a hill.

Difficulty Braking

Imagine trying to stop tens of thousands of pounds suddenly should traffic begin to cause a backup. Unfortunately, not all trucks are able to do that should a trailer be heavier than allowed by federal regulations.

This could cause the truck to collide with the vehicles in front of it, leaving individuals seriously injured as a result.

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