Why Logging Trucks Have to Be So Careful

Every day, individuals drive on the roads and see large commercial vehicles. They’re most often those that have large trailers attached to them and are used for transporting various goods and products. However, there are other types of commercial trucks that exist, including logging trucks.

These are large trucks used to haul significant amounts of logs, causing a heavy cargo. This makes it increasingly important for logging truck drivers to be cautious and work hard to keep others on the road—as well as themselves—safe from potential harm.

Following Procedures to Secure the Logs

The logs on the back of the trailer should be properly secured to ensure that they do not cause a significant hazard on the road. Failure to secure logs could lead to them spilling off the truck and into the road—potentially onto other vehicles.

This is a highly regulated industry, including ways that the logs must be secured. If these regulations are not met, the driver or whoever else is involved may be considered responsible should an accident be caused by the neglect.

When the Driver Is Negligent

Drivers may be considered negligent when they fail to adhere to laws, despite knowing that they’re carrying significant weight behind them. This may include a driver operating the truck while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, while fatigued, or while distracted.

If a logging truck driver is fatigued and causes a crash, liability may also be shared with the company for which he or she works. This is because the companies often encourage drivers to drive past the allowable hours in order to meet certain deadlines.

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