Case Results Achieved for Victims

Although every case is unique, we offer our past results to help current and prospective clients understand our dedicated and client-focused approach to every case we take on.

    • Fatigued Truck Driver on Methamphetamine Kills Mother of Four $ 7,000,000.00
    • Car Hit by Multiple Trucks in Heavy Fog $3,650,000.00
    • Record Civil Jury Verdict in Pittsburg County $ 3,354,388.77
    • Young Wife and Mother killed in Head-On collision $2,275,000.00
    • Multiple Family Members Injured in Commercial Crash $1,400,000.00
    • Over-hours Truck Driver Pulls Out in Front of Car $1,018,000.00
    • Truck Driver on Drugs Hits Couple on Motorcycle $1,005,000.00
    • Life-long Friends Killed in Head-on Collision $973,321.00
    • Oil-Field Worker Crushed By Heavy Equipment $600,000.00
    • Pesticide Truck Hits Client’s SUV $600,000.00
    • Tractor Trailer Plows Through Cars Stopped at Red Light $590,000.00
    • Injury to Truck Driver at Commercial construction Site $215,000.00
    • Commercial Tour Bus Collides With Car On U.S. Highway 69 Confidential Settlement
    • Young Child Backed Over by Truck and Killed Confidential Settlement
    • Head-on Collision on Oklahoma Turnpike Confidential